Experiencing Technical Issues with Your Android Phone? Follow These Tips


androidAndroid phones are quite popular as millions of cell phone users own one. Yet, they are known to pose a number of problems users find annoying. The Android operating system is commonly found on various cell phone models. The operating software itself is flexible and capable of doing a lot of features, but there is a downside to this operating system including dealing with issues and bugs. Even though many users find it bothersome to have such problems, many have easy fixes.

Here are some problems commonly experienced along with possible solutions to help improve cell phone experience.
  • Battery runs low quickly. Review apps that are running constantly on the phone. Turn off features you are not using such as the GPS and Wi-Fi. Turn off wallpapers that move (live wallpapers). Turn down screen brightness.
  • No memory card detected even though it is in the phone. Try restarting your phone to see what happens. It could correct itself. If this doesn’t work consider backing up data on the memory card by using your computer. Also, try putting the card back into the phone after formatting it if you have yet to complete this step.
  • Screen freezes. Many Android users haves simply turned their phone off and back on (restart). Some users recommend installing special software that acts as if the phone is shutting down and restarting. This is supposed to be another form of a quick reboot.
  • Low on memory all the time. If you run out of phone memory there could be a few things going on and different actions you need to take. Try using a memory card like the iCloud to add more memory to your device. You can set your phone to make the memory card your default location when installing data. You may also want to consider getting a new card if you have used it for a while or upgrade to something with more space. Other actions to consider includes stopping or closing applications that run continuously or install an app that will assist in managing applications.
  • Can’t see phone screen in the sunlight. You can cover your phone slightly with your hand to create shade over the screen. You can also consider increasing the screen brightness by going through your phone settings. Just keep in mind increasing the brightness can use more battery power.

Additional Insight to Know about Android Phones
A number of Android phones have security features such as face recognition technology. This feature will unlock the phone and allow the user to access the main menu when the device recognizes their face. This can be a great security element but sometime it has problems. Try holding the device up to your face at eye level. Make sure you are in a location with good light and try to obtain the same facial expression in the security photo. When you are able to unlock your device you may want to consider changing your picture again. Features not directly associated with Android can also be of help to you. Whether you’re a parent or employer you can benefit from the use of a remote cell phone spy software.